The rise and rise of Boris Johnson

Prime Minister Theresa May is rumoured — no doubt correctly – to hit the roof when her Foreign Secretary,  Boris Johnson described the war in Yemen as a proxy war between Saudi Arabia and Iran.  Why should she have become so agitated?  After all, she appointed him in the first place.  He’s only repeated what everyone else believes.  Why should it have remained sotto voce — within the Foreign Office?

The answer is, of course, that because the UK is a major supplier of weaponry to Saudi Arabia — including, recently, the very same laser-directed bombs that have killed so many civilians in Yemen — Johnson is really only exposing the fact that were we to stop trading with Saudi Arabia, many hundreds of engineering workers in this country would lose their jobs.

Johnson found his true slot in life years ago — the writer of humorous essays.  After another gaffe or two — perhaps only one if Theresa May has any sense — he’ll be back to it.

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