David Trump as a useful marker

The financiering sector of the world economy — mainly that of the United States and its ever obedient satrapy, the United Kingdom, and at least several times the size of what it needs to be — is in a dither like no other ever since it started to expand beyond all reason and, indeed, understanding, by central bankers and suchlike experts, in the 1980s.

Why then?  Because it was being realised about then that there was no other uniquely new consumer product that the masses needed to buy in order that each income-earning individual could put on display to work-mates, friends, family relations and people who lived nearby just how much social status he’d already attained or was still aspiring for.  In fact, to repeat the sort of politics that used to go on between aristocrats.

For the first time — although politicians don’t appreciate the irony — people in America and Europe, with all the political upsets now going on, are now practising real democracy [that is, people power] to replace the pseudo sort that they were palmed off with prior to the 2008 Crash.

As we move from a mainly profit-based manufacturing world economy —  at least in the advanced countries — to that of an increasnigly fees-based inter-personal services era, it won’t be David Trump and his eager cohort of pals who will get us there because they’ll be trying too hard to rejig 30 years of past history, but their attempts from next month onwards could be useful markers of what not to try.

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