Let’s grow our civil service!

One of the consequences of writing a daily blog — at least those of the reflective sort — is that the viewpoint of the writer on a particular subject can change over the years.  One of those in my own scheme of things is that bureaucracies — whether of any large business or government — are undesirable because they become too much of a financial drain on the whole organisation.

In times of financial distress, bureaucracies must therefore be reduced.  In business, with shareholders keeping a close eye on profits — which can change immensely from one year to the next — this is more easily achieved.  It’s either that or bankruptcy.

Governmental bureaucracies are quite another story, or used to be.  In more recent years, particularly since the 2008 crisis, governments can, and do, slim down more readily than when I first began to write on the subject.

My view now is that, as the number of scientific specialisations — and thus commercial development — grows, then the number of experts within the civil service  — to regulate excesses or to cope wth emergencies — must grow correspondingly.  And the more advanced  nation becomes the larger with its civil service have to grow commensurately.

One thought on “Let’s grow our civil service!

  1. I agree, Keith. My reasoning has to do with the desired goal of ‘do no harm’ to others and minimal harm to other species and the environment.

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