On Trump’s side for the moment

One doesn’t have to be a Trump supporter to believe him rather than CIA officials in suggesting that Russian hacking operations into Democratic Party emails, sanctioned by Putin,  swung the presidential election away from Hillary Clinton and towards Donald Trump.

Where’s the evidence?  Yes, there’s evidence that it was Russian hackers who breached the emails of senior Democratic campaigners.  Yes, it has had a controversial effect among US politicians and officials — albeit most of it after the election , not before it.  Yes, it has made the refined operations of the Democratic campaigners look sloppy.

But No, not one voter’s personal testimony has been produced to say that knowledge of the hack beforehand caused him or her to change his vote from the Democrat contender to the Republican.  No, no connection has been shown between the hackers and permission from Putin.

The incident would not have rated as controversial were it not for the increasingly degenerative state of the American political system — closely followed by that of the UK.

One thought on “On Trump’s side for the moment

  1. There would be no issue of hacking if Hillary hadn’t “illegally” had her own home server. If she hadn’t professionally erased over 33,000 emails. The Russian connection might be true but it is a way of deflecting the issue away from Hillary. Also we should note the degree to which the US is busy hacking emails and telephone calls and more via the NSA. Also involved in rigging elections in other countries.

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