Let’s wait awhile

It is quite obvious to any objective observer that the global warming of the last 150 years or so has not had anywhere near the dire effects that have been forecasted by the IPCC.  For example, in the last 30 years, the melting of the Arctic sea ice during the summer has been confidently forecasted three times — and has not happened.

Yet we’ve also had several naturally warm periods during the 10,000 years since the retreat of the last Ice Age.  In the last, known as the Medieval Warm Period, at around 1300 there were Viking farms along the east cost of Greenland and development of agriculture in this country. In the previous warm period, when the Romans were here, we grew prodigious quantities of grapes.  Another previous one was in the Bronze Ages.

Global warming causes a great amount of stress, it’s true.  Species die out — but then new species arise, and some food species are giving us 15%% better crops. The signature areas of species move north — but then those of other species move south. Sea levels may rise by a metre or two — previously, mankind has had to deal with rises of 150 metres or so.

2 thoughts on “Let’s wait awhile

  1. The “true believers” in global warming caused by “man” are not willing to wait. They want to fight global warming with religious enthusiasm. And the religious part is what scares me. Great mistakes can happen and great harm can take place when the rational world is left behind on a religious quest.

  2. I concur with Arthur in his comment above.

    I believe that the chicken-little “the sky is falling” hysterical attitude is insane. Climate does change, will change. Some of that will be beneficial and some not. Do we need to do something about it? Not at the expense of present welfare. Future generations will be much better equipped to handle whatever negative consequences there may be.

    The cult (or religion) of global warming is just a cult — a bunch of true believers immune to any rational arguments.

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