When will they be sending for the men in white coats?

The American Constitution was the wisest political document of its time.  Having got rid of the British government in the 18th century, America rightly decided that the biggest problem of its time was that others would rush in to obtain absolute power.

It therefore decided that future potential power holders — the president, other elected politicians, sivil service, lawyers, military, business, church, trade unions, must be expunged permanently from the possibility of power or modifiable.  The three seen to be the safest to govern were the President, Congress and the Supreme Court.

Presidential decisions — except for declaration of war — can be modifiable by his immediate advisors, such as the Secretary of State and the Secretary of Defense, Congress before being instituted, or, after the event, by Congress as a cricket back-stop. Or it can also be declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court as a boundary back-stop or by the shouts of the people in the streets outside the ground as an ultimate back-stop after a disastrous decision has been made.

Also, as an important point which I now haven’t the time to develop further but must be mentioned is that the highest grades of American graduates that are actively recruited by the potential power-holders and mentioned above should also, these days, include media journalism.  In condemning the media, as he has done, Trump confuses the gutter press with the quality press. In recent years, it has only been the quality press that has exposed high level corruption.

At least a dozen decisions by President Trump in his first week have greatly disturbed half of the more thoughtful Americans, as being against the whole style of American culture.    While Trump is intelligent and an expert is property transactions, he is a case of ‘a little knowledge is a dangerous thing’.  He is already being talked about as “mad” by individuals who’ve been high in government.

The Republican Party, which must now take responsibility for allowing Trump to take their name while he was campaigning, will probably have to impeach Trump for incompetence before too long and sending for the white van.  At least a quarter, perhaps a half, of those who normally vote Democratic will support such a decision.  It seems to me that it’s just a question of when.

One thought on “When will they be sending for the men in white coats?

  1. Keith says, “In recent years, it has only been the quality press that has exposed high level corruption.” I agree. There’s wikileaks (quality press) and then there’s the New York Times (the very definition of what you call the gutter press.)

    I am willing to bet that Trump’s approval ratings will go up with time. True they are very low and have little room to fall much lower but I am convinced that he will bring about the sorely needed change in Washington. The whole system is rigged through the collusion of the Democrats and the Republicans. This is the first time in US history that a third party candidate has won the Presidential elections. That can only mean good things will happen, even though he is a man with only “a little learning.”

    That the sordid left has got its panties in a twist after the recent executive order banning entry of people from seven Muslim majority countries only confirms how divorced from reality the left is.

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