Getting to the top

“Keeping up with the Joneses” is often said in a jokesy comment about an individual or a family that’s obviously trying hard to keep up wirh the latest status fashion. It’s not really a joke, though. It’s a natural activity in which almost everyone takes part — even though some will pretend otherwise.

It’s the method by which those with relevant skills in a group, business or government — rise up through the pecking order — usually between 15 and 30 years of age — until becoming the leader of the group or at least in the small cluster of two or three or four personnel who are loyal supporters of the leader.

The resultant social elite in the leading advanced countries comprises about 15% of the total population. What qualities were required of those who make the elite? With little doubt it’s intelligence, but also with many other socialization skills — which, being so many, and subtle with it, are impossible to summarise. We can be confident in fearing nothing from artificial intelligence for a long while yet.

One thought on “Getting to the top

  1. The rise of the techno nerd may be changing this. Bill Gates seems to have no presence, ditto most of the Silicon Valley types. Zuckerberg has a vacant stare and yet is worth billions. I don’t think that gladhanding and schmoozing is continuing. The algorithmic financial wizards all seem to have a touch of Aspberger’s. Maybe that’s the new look.

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