A closer step to death in the Labour Party?

If ever we needed a neat piece of evidence that Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the Labour Party (LP) is not a liberal, nor indeed interested in the truth or reality, then we had it some weeks ago in the case of Ken Livingstone when he was kicked out of the LP. A past Mayor of London and a stalwart of the LP for decades — and well-read besides — he quoted Hitler’s own words from his Mein Kamph that he had no more evil intentions against German Jews than repatriating them to their country of origin or to Palestine or to anywhere else

Originally he did not intend slaughtering Jews and other ‘misfits’. That decision only came when he became all-powerful President and incessantly advised by Himmler to do so. Once Himmler was in total charge of the operation and propagandised the proposal throughout the country, vast gas-chamber complexes were built and Hitler, alongside a high proportion of the German adult population, went along it without a murmur.

The decision itself was trivial compared with the immense tragedy of the systematic murder of millions of individuals and families of all ages. But by raising this story amid a Labour Party which is currently pro-Muslim, and anti Semitic — and anti-black — as well as all sorts of policy lacunae — Ken Livingstone deserved to be kicked out not for misquoting history, which he wasn’t, but for grandstanding in such a provocative way during a delicate — if not a terminal — stage of the LP.

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