A brutal future for many

The scrubbage and desertification of large regions of earth’s previous vast panoply of forests cannot be blamed on man alone. Our strategy is the same as all others. We have always eaten enough food to ensure that our numbers expand and thus remain a viable species.

There’s always a crunch point in every species when they start to collapse. Five of our eight billion lack sufficient nutrition to be healthy and carry out a full day’s active work, or to be actually starving. In addition, due to recent medical technology, we also have about another four billion middle-aged people who will remain alive for another 30 or 40 years, taking the total population up to about 12 billion..

Outside about a dozen advanced countries and about the same number that are almost as advanced, the bulk of the countries of the world should now be dispensing ‘next-day’ contraceptives. Otherwise, the world faces several more decades of nasty civil wars, revolutions, attempts at mass migration — and subsequent brutal repressions — and susceptibility to high infectious killer diseases, as the rest of the world imagines that the ownership of choice status goods gives us supreme happiness.

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