Keith Hudson Has Passed Away

Dear All,

With a heavy heart it is my sad duty to inform you that I learned from Sue Walker just now that her dad, and our treasured friend, Keith Hudson passed away today morning. We cherish his memory and celebrate his contributions. He enriched the lives of everyone he touched across the world. May his good karma (the consequences of an individual’s actions) continue to echo through time and space.


Sincerely yours,

12 thoughts on “Keith Hudson Has Passed Away

  1. Keith’s death is so sad, not that it was a surprise–Keith himself gave us all a heads-up on that–but sad because he was such a prolific source of well-considered and varied ideas that we were all enriched in our lives by his presence. Intellectually generous, in an age that seems to encourage self-aggrandizing opinionating, Keith will truly be missed–and that is, in his case, no cliché.

    Thank you, Keith, for so well representing that human ideal of a curious, thoughtful, eloquent, and authentic man.

    Farewell, my friend. Fair winds.
    Already more than missed.


    And thank you, Atanu, for keeping us posted.

  2. After nearly 20 years of cross enrichment via email, and one pleasant day in Bath including a nice pub lunch around a decade ago, I can say that Keith was an open, honest, and highly intelligent friend who will be missed by many.

    1. I’ll miss you Keith, my friend of 56 years since we briefly worked together in the Public Health Laboratories in Coventry. I’ll miss those late-night discussions into the early hours of the morning, on every subject under (and beyond) the sun, which we enjoyed even in these latter years when you were so unwell. I’ll miss visiting you in Saltford on my trips to UK, but I’ll never forget you. Your karma will remain with me for ever. You were truly one of a kind. My heartfelt condolences to Janet.

  3. I echo the others And add: His posts always gave something to think about. He was in his posts even tempered. His loss is felt by many privately, but his loss is also a loss to society. Rarely in the Internet world can such lucid and calm insights be put forward without blame someone somewhere. In short, he was a mensch. I will miss him as he was part of my intellectual firmament.

  4. I am not sure how I started reading this blog. It was always a source of new ideas. My condolences.

  5. I am so sorry to hear of Keith’s passing. What a loss! He was a Renaissance man who enriched the lives of so many. Bill and I and the members of the San Francisco Lyric Chorus and Arch Street Irregulars all send thoughts of comfort to Keith’s family and friends.

    I met Keith through his Handlo online choral scores. That encounter turned into a wonderful, long-time set of online back-and-forth discussions on all sorts of topics. Keith was one of a kind. He also was a very encouraging person. He obviously has friends worldwide, and we all are a lucky crew for having known him. He leaves a legacy, not only through his thoughts and ideas, but through his writings, e.g., his Chinese-English Dictionary and other creations. The San Francisco Lyric Chorus used Handlo scores in its just finished spring season, and will use a different set for its summer season. Keith’s legacy lives on.

  6. Hi, I’m one on Keith’s grandchildren, Julia. Thank you all for your touching comments, it’s lovely to see just how many people knew and valued my Grandad. He leaves a huge legacy behind and all we can do is continue to make him proud.

  7. Hi, Julia:

    Keith was an important person in the choral music world. Many people now have access to choral music scores that were previously unavailable, as well as access to Keith’s own editions of choral classics–all because of Keith’s initiative and desire to help make the musical arts more available to the public. Last night, the members of my 47-year-old little madrigal/part song singing group, the Arch Street Irregulars, met for our weekly rehearsal and sang a number of selections printed by Keith’s Handlo music. We all wanted to honor his commitment to choral music. All of us send our thoughts of comfort to you and the rest of Keith’s family. We feel his loss here across the pond, too. My larger chorus, the San Francisco Lyric Chorus, will be singing Keith’s edition of the Verdi Four Sacred Pieces this summer, and we also will be thinking of Keith as we sing.


  8. Keith, we will miss you and all your insight-full blogs that we have followed for many years since we were neighbours in Bath. Our thoughts go out to Jan. Rest in peace, Keith,
    from Chris & Galia

  9. Thank you for enriching my life, Keith. Your intelligence was much beyond mine but that did not deter you to have engaging and instructive email chats over the past many years. You were a fine mind…you also had a very large heart, sir.

    My heartfelt condolences to your family.

    Thank you, Atanu, for introducing me to Keith.

    To fellow friends of this blog here is a beautiful video I recently came across – The Life of Death

  10. This is a real shame. I only knew Keith through his comments on the Adam Smith Institute blog, and through the occasional email conversation, but he was an extremely friendly, smart, knowledgeable and interesting guy. My thoughts to his friends and family.

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