About Keith Hudson

Born 1935; Educated at Bablake School and Lanchester College of Technology

1957-1967 Experience in industrial chemistry, technical management, quality control management at Courtaulds and Massey-Ferguson;

1968-69 Experience as first professional writer of learning programmes in England with Inadcon, and wrote material for Vickers, Sloan-Duployan and Unesco;

1970 Founder of Warwickshire branch of Conservation Society;

1971 With Noël Newsome, joint-author of report on industrial toxic waste dumping into the countryside to Department of Environment (known in the press at the time as the ‘Cyanide Dossier’) which resulted in the passage of Deposit of Poisonous Waste Act 1972 as emergency legislation, the first environmental legislation in the last century apart from clean air legislation;

1972 Founder and editor of Towards Survival, one of the first environmental journals;

1974 Member of Midland Executive of Liberal Party, author of industrial policy proposals for the Midlands;

1975 Member of National Executive of the Liberal Party;

1979 Founder of Jobs for Coventry Foundation, the first privately-sponsored training organisation in England for young unemployed people under the Youth Opportunities Programme;

1982 Founder of Interskills, training organisation in computer and allied skills;

1982 Founder of Coventry Democratic Party, later subsumed by the national party (below)

1982 Member of original Organization Committee of the Social Democratic Party and author of starter-pack material for local convenors; author of various background papers on future development of party politics generally and governance;

1984 Author of Introduction to Computer-Assisted Learning (Chapman and Hall Computing);

1985 First retirement;

1985 Was introduced to choral singing, one of the finest (and most enjoyable!) experiences of his life;

1986 Joint-founder of Property Portraits Limited;

1996 Corresponding member of Futurework List;

1997 Founder of Handlo Music Limited, publishers of choral music, the first sheet music publisher on the Internet;

2003 Second retirement;

2003 Initiated Evolutionary Economics website;

2008 Author of (New Rapid Search Method) Chinese-English Dictionary;

2009 Started Allisstatus blogsite;

2010 Author of  A Species in the Making;

2015 Revived Allisstatus blogsite.

Update: May 8th, 2017.

Keith Hudson died today, May 8th, 2017.

10 thoughts on “About Keith Hudson

  1. Fantastic blog Keith. So many interesting articles. Wish I had discovered it sooner. I will recommend it to my friends!

    1. Peter,
      Please accept my apologies. Allisstatus went into hibernation when I went into hospital. I’ve now woken it up (April 2015) and full service is now in operation.
      Keith .

  2. How is it that your very interesting ruminations on so many subjects have virtually no comments? Does no one read your work? It’s very surprising.

    1. Once again, my apologies. I would be too complicated to explain why I didn’t activate the Comments facility in the earlier period of Allisstatus (as from April 2015). However, now that it has been revived all services will be laid on!

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