Keith Hudson’s Funeral

[A write up by Keith’s granddaughter Julia on his funeral for those of you who couldn’t make it. Posted by Atanu.]

On Thursday 25th May 2017 it was Keith Hudson’s funeral at Haycombe Cemetery & Crematorium. It was a humanist service, as you would have expected and it was a beautiful, day with the sun shining, just for him. The day started with the humanist celebrant Clare Hanson-Kahn opening the service. Most unusually (as you would expect from him), she had already met Keith, twice, and he had pre-arranged what he wanted to be said at his service. Clare started out by thanking Jan, on behalf of everyone for her dedication to Keith. The fact that he was able to stay at home, and pass away in peace surrounded by his cherished books would have been exactly what he wanted.

Clare talked about how each of us develops a different set of beliefs about death, but when someone close dies we share the same feelings of sadness and loss. And although completely natural that you should be sad, we should all not be sad for too long. Instead we should enjoy looking back at the moments that defined our relationship with Keith.

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